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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A definition.

I thought it was self-explanatory.  I was wrong.  See mom?  There are people who understand things less than I do!

Definition of the phrase "Spinning a Yarn": Tell a story, especially a long drawn-out or totally fanciful one, as in This author really knows how to spin a yarn, or Whenever he's late he spins some yarn about a crisis. Originally a nautical term dating from about 1800, this expression probably owes its life to the fact that it embodies a double meaning, yarn signifying both "spun fiber" and "a tale."

I thought everybody knew that.  So if you didn't know that and expect blogs about me sitting at my spinning wheel turning straw into gold.  Don't go on... Go back, while you still can... This is not the way... Take heed, and go no further... Beware, beware... Soon it will be too late...
Ah, don't pay any attention to them, they're just false alarms. You get a lot of them in the Labyrinth, especially when you're on the right track.
Oh, no you're not!
Oh, shut up.

The end.


Birdy The Mighty said...

Haha! Susan, you crack me up. :D

twelvedaysold said...

"Originally a nautical term dating from about 1800". Maybe you should stick with terms that are from the time period you were born in.

Thanks for clarifying though.

Anonymous said...

Tru dat, Katie!

Mona said...

This made me laugh out loud. Oh, sorry. LOL