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Monday, January 18, 2010

The island of unwanted toys.

Or more appropriately, the chest of unwanted crafts.

Oh where do I begin? I have a chest. It sits in my living room. It doubles as a coffee table. I painted it blue last year with my sister. From the outside it is cute and functional.

But on the inside, like many things, it holds dirty little secrets of shame.

On top there are a couple skeins of yarn I'm currently making a project with, so that is ok, but on both sides you can start to see the signs of shame. Failure. Rejection. Horror. Sheesh, I hope nobody finds this crap after I die.

Dig down and you will find some patterns.

And then we come to the projects. Here is the first one. It's big. It's about half way finished. It's double crochet. It's... it's... it's....


There are a few reasons why this one ended up on the island. My skill level improved. I ran out of that gray yarn. I realized I didn't need a giant double crocheted blanket. But after all that work I couldn't bear to give it up.

Ah, number two.

Number two is a knitting project. I learned a lot of valuable lessons with this failure. Knitting is hard. Knitting is unforgivable. I'm not sure I like knitting so much. Which is why this project is still attached to the needles and in the chest.

Number three is probably the oldest one of the group. I had just learned how to crochet and went out and bought two skeins of really pretty yarn. It took me forever to finally finish those skeins and when I went to buy more they didn't have any. So I tacked on some white.

And then gave up.

I actually really like these colors and would really like to finish this blanket. I should see if I can match the colors online.

Number four is the newest member. I actually have the yarn I need and it is almost completed, so I think we may see this one completed someday.

I'm actually really surprised all those things can fit into that chest. Although they don't fit as well now that I pulled them all out.

Ugh. It's just sad really.

Ah. That's better.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hiya! Welcome to my blog. I only have 5 minutes before I have to leave for work, but I wanted to get my blog in motion, so please stay tuned for good things. Or, kind of ok things. It depends on a lot of factors, but definitely things. For sure.

Here is a photo:

I took of Katie when we were grocery shopping. Yes, I grocery shop. Didn't I tell you good things were coming? Be prepared. Also I hate the title of my blog and I hope I can change that. I felt pressured for time.

Have a great day!!