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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Brand New Day.

It is finished.  I wanted to show the whole kit and kaboodle, but I was such a wreck yesterday all I could think was "load, load, load... UNLOAD.  load, load, load... UNLOAD."  Although on the up side, I finally realize why they called those makeup storage cases Kaboodles.  It's like all the pieces finally fell together and the world makes sense.

This is the view from my front window.  But it isn't from today.  I took this yesterday.  I took one today too, but it's cloudy out today so this one looks much better.  I meant to get photos of all my helpers, but I forgot (because I was a wreck) until the only people left were the Smiths.  So here they are:
I think Christy was afraid she was going to smile ugly in this photo.  I do that.  I have so many photos where I am making this exact expression.  It reads "God, please let me look thin and pretty."  Don't you hate when someone has a really horrible photo of you where you look so fat and hideous that you hardly recognize yourself and they say "here's a good one of you!"  And then you realize you actually look like that.  And then you quietly resent that person for the rest of your relationship.

And now for the tour!!  The spare room/office/craft room.  It's the least set up of the bunch.  I got the computer up (obviously!!) and got the closet pretty much organized, but it's pretty empty.

The my bedroom, it's also pretty empty.  I haven't gotten any pictures up yet:
 The bathroom:

The living room:
Yeah, I know.  I have a lot of rocking chairs.  I don't know how it happened but I think I'm collecting them now.  Ken and Christy bought me the brown one and I really wanted it for the back patio, but it's so nice I don't really want to put it out there to rot.

Here's the dining room (I need a dining table and chairs for a good price.  FYI):
And the kitchen:
Here are some photos of the backyard, I know it looks kind of crappy, but I'm hoping to clean it up this summer so I'll post photos as that comes along.  I also want to put a clothesline in so that will be fun.


Tada!!  I'm so glad the moving is over and now I can get back to crafting.  I have nothing to show on that front, but I bought a ton of perler beads that were on clearance at Joann's so hopefully I'll come up with something really cool to do with those.  Alright, peace out.


twelvedaysold said...

Hey neighbor! Could you please keep the laughter down? It keeps me up at night. Oh the laughter, the LAUGHTER!

Birdy The Mighty said...

i'm so jealous! It's lovely :D

Mona said...

I am very happy to have you as our new neighbor.
But everybody already knew that!
Love your place! o_o