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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ways I am being robbed.

My current on-site manager at my apartment complex is retiring. She's old, she deserves it. Before we always dropped our rent payments off in a box in the laundry room. Now the owner wants us to mail in our payments to a PO Box in Portland. That's fine. I had to do that once before in a studio apartment I lived in in Coos Bay. The difference is, in Coos Bay the owner sent us stamped and pre-addressed envelopes to mail our checks in. It's just common courtesy. Now I'm expected to use my own envelope, dink around looking for that stupid address and use my OWN STAMP!! It's outrageous! I feel like docking my rent payment a dollar every month for a shipping and handling charge.

I just signed up with T-mobile. I switched over from AT&T because T-mobile is cheaper and my sister uses it and seems to really like them. After having the phone for 2 days I placed a call at 8:55pm to my friend Jessica in Brookings. We talked for 105 minutes. That is a lot. Way more than normal. But it's cool because nights start at 9. Oh wait, I should have mentioned I'm on the 500 minute plan. I had 900 with AT&T which was way too much and had a ton of roll-over minutes so for the last 3+ years I have never worried about going over my minutes. Anyway, I decided to check my minutes and after just one week I had used 190 of my whenever minutes. I couldn't phantom how that was possible. I'll tell you how. If you place a call before 9 it doesn't switch over to night minutes automatically. WHAT?? That is insane I told the nice Christine working at the T-mobile call center. She was empathetic, but I really don't think she cared. I'm really not knocking T-mobile though because besides that everything has been great and even if I have to switch to the 700 minute plan I will still be saving money. But that is really an insane policy.

I got a fancy new phone though. Here's my old phone:

And here's the new beauty:

I makes me feel bad though and I know you shouldn't feel bad about animate objects, but I so frequently do. I feel like my old phone (which I had for 3.5 years) is like the loyal and loving wife who is suddenly left for the twenty year old bimbo. But what a beautiful bimbo. It's like the DVD player I gave my sister and brother in law 2 years ago when I bought a new one. I'm now on my third DVD player since then and that junker is still playing movies in their bedroom. It breaks a previous owners heart. And wallet. I should really invest more money into quality electronics. I'm just loading up garbage dumps with this cheesy crap. But that sticker price is so inviting.

All I have in the craft department is unfinished projects. But as we all know, unfinished projects are my specialty. I want to try the new Debbie Stoller Stitch Nation yarn. They look fun and are pretty reasonably priced. Has anyone tried them? (question directed at my only 2 readers Katie and Birdy.) I really want to paint my chair too:

It has definitely seen better days and needs a fresh coat of... something.

Here's what going on outside my kitchen window:

Ah, that's a pretty one.


twelvedaysold said...

I'm sorry Susan! I thought you knew that you had to place the call after 9. I thought all plans were like that, but Tmobile is the only company I've ever used. I guess you'll be sending lots of texts this month!

I have a chair I want to stain, want to make a day of it sometime soon? And I haven't heard of that yarn yet, do you know where they're selling it?

Birdy The Mighty said...

I also haven't tried that yarn, but if you do, let me know. I'm considering moving onto finer yarns for my projects. This acrylic crap is annoying.

susieoregon said...

They sell it at Joann's. It's called Stitch Nation yarn by Debbie Stoller or something like that. It looks pretty nice. For painting, how does a week from Sunday sound?

Mona said...

Hi, this is your annoying mom to tell you it's 'fathom' not 'phantom'. Phantom is a whole 'nother animal.

Also, if you go online and look it up, you can donate your old cell phone to a place that sells them and buys calling cards with the money for our soldiers. Less guilt! yay!

Love your blog. Can't wait to see what color you choose for the chair!!

susieoregon said...

Thanks mom, I do know the difference, it was just an error, but I've decided to leave it in.

twelvedaysold said...

Next Sunday is Valentine's day. And while we don't have anything planned, we might change that. You never know with us. Have I mentioned we have a new car?

Ugh, I forgot you work on Saturdays now! Jesse and I are in Grants Pass the following weekend. How does Sunday the 28th sound?

susieoregon said...

Sounds perfect. It'll give us time to get supplies. And I'M NOT BUSY ON VALENTINE'S DAY!!