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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oregonian Gurls, we're unforgettable...

Brown Ugg boots with sweat pants on top.

Sometimes I do this.  To make popular music more accessible to myself.  I mean seriously, I don't care how great of a body you have, what do you wear more of, bikini tops or sweat pants...  'Nuff said.

The first time I saw someone write 'Nuff said, I thought "Nuff said what?"

I have a special spoon exclusively for eating pudding.  It's a Gerber baby food spoon I found in my keepsake box.  I has a little imprint of the Gerber Baby on the handle and it's great for eating tapioca.

My favorite pudding is Tapioca.  I love those little cloudy nubblets.  I don't know what they are but they kind of look like the gross things you sometimes find in pepperoni, but they aren't gross, they are delicious.

When I first saw "The Departed" I had to keep calling my dad to ask what the derogatory words meant.  I had never heard half of them and the half I had heard I didn't know if it was derogatory toward the Irish or the Italians.  How's that for good parenting?

My nephew Andy plays the piano.

He plays really well.

And I'm posting my first video!

Please don't forget about my giveaway!  Deadline doesn't end until Sunday!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Revenge of the weeds.

Ok, so I'm trying to clean out the backyard of all those pesky weeds, but it is just too hard!!  I cut down a bunch (chopped down would be more adequate, I've never seen stalks like that on a weed before) and laid them out to bag and throw away.  They are all thorny and spiky though and would just rip the bags to shreds and I couldn't even really get them in there in first place.  So I just took the giant stack of weeds and threw it on the other side of the yard.  And I'm sitting here sweaty and itchy because I'm convinced THERE ARE SPIDERS CRAWLING ALL OVER ME.

I didn't take any photos because well, it looks the same as last time except the weeds are mostly brown now and half of them are hacked off and laying on top of the other half.

Oh golly.  I really thought it looked the same as it did in June, but I am really wrong.   Here is what it looked like in June:

Seems so cute and inviting.  Here is what it looks like right now.

The really amazing part is what it looked like in March when I moved in.
Katie thought I was so lucky because I didn't have any grass to worry about.  I bet you don't think I am lucky now!!  I pray for grass.  At least grass doesn't have thorns!!  Or spider webs at the base of their giant trunks.  Or dead things, Mikey, dead things!  Anyway, I just want you all to know that I will be setting my yard on fire this afternoon.  I'm just gonna douse it in lighter fluid, set it on fire, let it burn for like 30 seconds and then hose it off.  What could go wrong?  It's an ingenious plan!!

I've been working on the spare room this weekend too (see?  I said that like I worked in the yard when we all know I really didn't.)  The spare room for me is such a blessing and a curse.  I love the extra space, but then I just dumping crap in there all the time.

So I spent a little time in there yesterday and organized it.
It's getting there.  I was thinking about buying a futon or a twin bed for this room, but I have no idea where I would put it!  This was originally suppose to be my craft room, but it has really become more of an office.  It was funny because I called Katie to see if she had any straws and when came over to bring them to me she told me Jesse was taking a nap.  I then proceeded to hang some pictures.  They must love me as a neighbor!

Alright, I gotta go set my yard on fire.  Don't forget to check out my giveaway!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Giveaway! Yay!

Ok so I have decided to do a giveaway.  The prize?  Pac-man magnets made by moi.

They are made from perler beads and are very sturdy.  I used the strong magnets so they aren't those lame ones that won't even hold up a piece of paper.

The deadline to win is Sunday 8/22/2010 at 11pm Pacific Standard Time.

There are a few rules.  Only one entry per person.  The winner will be drawn at random.

To win just leave a comment.**See below for more rules.

How long do you think is too long for installing a printer/scanner?  I didn't have the installation cd so bear that in mind.  And please don't say something like "15 minutes" because that would make me sad.

I did finally install my printer/scanner and I got to scan one of my favorite photos of Jasmine and Mikey.

I didn't clean the glass or even dust off the photo, but after FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES of installing I didn't feel like scanning any more photos.

**Also in order to win I will need some way to contact you.  If you have a blogger account just go into your blogger profile ("edit profile" on your dashboard) and click the "show my email address" box.

That way I will be able to email you if you have won.  If not, just check back on Monday 8/23/2010 and I will announce the winner and tell you how to contact me.  Please make sure you leave your name as anonymous comments will not have a chance to win.  As soon as I am able to contact you and obtain your mailing address I will ship your "major award."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Unsafe at any speed.

Katie was in a car accident.  She is fine and the lady who she pulled out in front of is fine too.  I feel really bad for her because I know exactly how she feels.  I took a left turn right in front of somebody too when I was 17.  It is the worst feeling ever.

Luckily for Katie she has a very sympathetic family.  As of yesterday every member of my family has been in a car accident that was our fault and totaled at least one car (in my case it was two.)  It's weird because I wouldn't consider anybody in my family a bad driver (although the people we got into accidents with might disagree.)

After my first accident every adult child had already been in an accident and my mom made each of us a framed certificate and gave them to us for Christmas (my accident was on 12/3/1998.)  There is a picture of a tow truck on it and it says "The Williams Family.  Established 1973.  Our Motto: Unsafe at any Speed."

My mother was really hoping her baby would avoid the Williams family fate.  Unfortunately my father's bad luck with cars was genetically engineered into his children.  And so here it is the day after the accident.  A family made whole with mangled cars in our wake.

So here is a warning to the good people of Portland, Vancouver and Wilsonville.  We are out there.  We are driving in your neighbors, on your streets, in your school zones.  I suggest you drive defensively because heaven knows, we aren't. 

You have been warned.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I went thrift storing a few days ago with my folks and found this:

Are you jealous yet?

How about now?

It's crazy old and never been used.  It was six bucks which is really expensive for me, especially for something like this, but my clos-i is not tidy and I couldn't resist.  My clos-i is actually like this:

This is my hall closet and it is completely unusable and it drives me mad inside my head.  I just shove the vacuum in and I have all these coats that I never wear and I really just hated this closet.

Until... Wait for it.


Much better.  Best six bucks ever spent.  I moved all the coats into the spare room closet.  It's so weird.  When I first moved in I thought I had so much closet space, but now that all the closets are full of junk I'm convinced this place has the worst closet space possible.

My spare room is driving me crazy right now.  With the exception of my desk, there is no order in this room and I basically have it laid out the same as the day I moved the furniture in.  I did buy a new table for the tv I'm putting in there.

I tried to really zoom in, but you can still kind of see the disorder that is this room.  I think I'm going to make it my project this weekend.  Make it look nice in case someone wants to visit me.  The table above was $7.50.  It was half price day at Salvation Army.  Oh yeah.

I also got this cool hamper.
And this teapot I thought was cute and now kind of hate.
Well, I don't know.  It's still kind of cute.  We shall see how it pours.  Don't you hate those teapot that you go to pour and it shoots boiling hot tea 8 inches out.  Don't people test those pour spouts before they send them out?  If it pours funny it is going right in the trash.  That's right teapot.  You have been warned.

The television is calling to me so...  you know.  Smell ya later.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Clark County Fair 2010

Annual trip to the Clark County Fair was yesterday.  I always have a good time and then a miserable time and then a good time again there.  It's the three stages of fair.  You know, like the stages of grief, only not so depressing and nobody has to die.

Alright, nearly all my photos are of the kids.  What can I say?  They are cute and they will always smile when I ask them to.

The theme this year was Aliens and it was pretty cute.  We went to the alien haunted house which was a lot like last year except there were aliens instead of like skeletons and stuff.  Right near the end of the house there was an EXIT and instead of continuing through the complete blackness we decided to just hop out there.  One of the alien workers said in a creepy (and I'm assuming alien tongue) "Thaaat's an exiiiit."  It was hilarious.  Not only are aliens scary, they are very helpful.  And they let you take photos with them.

Then the kids got their faces painted.

Mikey got Mario
 and Jazzy got a cat.
And then I made them take a photo with this lady.
Why do they never look into the camera?

I love the part of the fair where everybody's stuff is judged.  They have the weirdest categories for stuff.  They have the creepy dolls that look just like babies.
Barbie dolls having tea.
A complete Chinese restaurant in a box.
And my dad made entirely out of Legos.
My brother-in-law likes the home show stuff.  I hate it.  It's just people trying to get my phone number and make me buy hot tubs or sign up for cable television.  I find it very uncomfortable.  I don't like doing it.  It makes me feel like this:
This is the miserable part of the day.  But have no fear!  Things got better.
We had to pull Ken away from some guy trying to sell him something so he could be Papa Worm.

Last year I took a picture of the kids with a cow.  I did the same thing this year.  Last years photo:
This years photo:
Cow got smaller.  Mikey's shirt stayed the same.  What can I say?  He likes making tye dye shirts with his aunt Susie.

And here is the one photo I am in.
Why am I the only one looking at the camera?!  And I have major Fair Hair.  Fair Hair is when you spend the night at your sister's house the day before the fair and then after your morning shower you neither blow dry or straighten.  I think it's just a fad, it won't catch on.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.  "Thrift store finds."  It's sure to be riveting.