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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She's crafty like ice is cold.

Let's take a little break from moving to talk about craft night.  I have a craft night!  And it's with actual people, not my imaginary British friends.  Yes.  I have imaginary friends.  And they are British.  We've been doing craft night for several months now.  But it's gotten more regular lately.  We meet up every Wednesday night.  Usually we meet at my place and watch a movie or Arrested Development or Firefly and chat and work on our current projects.

It's fun and I really enjoy doing it.  But last week we went public (technically Katie and Birdy went public the week before me.  I canceled for some reason I can't remember now.  I'm sure it was good though.)  We meet at a local coffee shop, order chai tea and get our yarn art on.

I love doing crafts.  I love crocheting.

I love thinking of an idea and actually being able to make it work.
I love being able to make things for the people I love.
And I love craft night.


Birdy The Mighty said...

craft night is very effin awesome :D

Cannot wait for more.

twelvedaysold said...

Those stupid RABBITS!!!

Craft night was an A+ last week. Let's make it a gold star this week. Is there a conversion chart?

susieoregon said...

I think it's in the back.

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever invites me to craft night. I can speak British, if I have to.

Mona said...

I love having crafty kids.