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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The biggest shop on the block or Puppy Palace. It's the cats meow.

I'm sure you have all been wondering what is going on down at SirBitesALot. Well. I'm happy to inform you that I now own the biggest shop on the block. Woot! How you like me now? So yeah, business is booming. People love my cheerful service and delightful puppies. It has inspired people to open their own shops. Sugar has been enjoying the game herself:

Although she wonders why they don't also sell kittens? And though she feels slighted by this oversight she can't help but enjoy the game.

She settles in for hours of amusement. She finds it difficult to hold the pen and therefore uses her nose to navigate the touch screen.

Oh no! Caught in the act. See how she turns away and pretends to watch the television. She can't fool me. I know she has an aversion to Sponge Bob. She only watches the tv when iCarly is on.

Looking at these photos I can't help but feel deja vu. Where have I seen this before?

Ah, yes. I remember now.


twelvedaysold said...

Nice pictures of Sugar! I bet Christy never thought she would be pictures online.

Mona said...

Love that cat. Love all the family's cats. The dogs across the street, well, you don't want to know....

Anonymous said...

You take the best pictures! You should be a wildlife photographer!