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Friday, February 12, 2010

The haunting.

Fact: I'm moving.
Fact: I want to.
Fact: I'm moving.
Fact: I don't want to.
Fact: I pretend I'm an organized person.
Fact: I am not an organized person.
Fact: I will never move again.
Fact: I've said that before. I've said that every time I move.
Fact: This time I mean it.
Fact: I probably don't.

So yeah, I'm moving. Again. In my own defense I haven't moved in nearly three years. Nearly. So really it's just 2 and change. But nearly three. But I'm not going to move again unless I move away from Portland. I mean it. Really, I do. And that's a fact.

Katie got me some boxes from work.

They've been sitting there for 2 days. I don't have any packing tape. I need to go to Target. What I really need to do is go on vacation for 3 weeks and come back to have all my stuff moved to my new place. Especially the books. Oh the books...

They are everywhere.

Just when you think you've found them all, all these others show up.

Mocking you. Haunting your dreams at night. "You will have to lug me all over again. You will think you haven't loaded the boxes too heavy, but you will be wrong. We will make your family hate you. You do not own us. WE OWN YOU."

And then there are the pictures. I had no idea it had gotten so out of hand. I knew I was buying a lot, but I had no idea.

I got this cool map at an estate sale. I plan to use it to decoupage, but haven't gotten around to it. I hung it up so I wouldn't feel so bad about having it shoved in a closet somewhere.


And more...

It just never stops! I think I have a mental illness. This is not my cluttered house. These are not my cluttered walls. This is not my beautiful wife. Who sings that song? I can't remember for the life of me. But wait, I'm getting off track.

There are more pictures. A disturbing amount more:

Oh, for shame!! Oh, the humanity!! Who is going to move all this crap? Because it certainly won't be me! I'm not the one who bought the ballerina picture at a garage sale in Canada because I thought it looked creepy and thought it would be fun when someone asked me where I got it I could say "I bought it at a garage sale in Canada! It cost 5 bucks, but don't worry. It wasn't really money. I was just Canadian funny money."

My friend Annette's daughter Alex drew this. It's cool.

Thrift store find.

Um, yeah.

Mommy? Are we done yet? I need to go see my therapist. Next up I'll show you my closets. And then you probably won't want to ever read my blog again. Yeah. This is what I show the world. You can only begin to imagine the horrors I hide from it.


twelvedaysold said...

"Once in a lifetime" by The Talking Heads! Jesse and I may or may not have been rocking out to that song yesterday in Bajio's parking lot. I'm going to say for sure we weren't there.

susieoregon said...

Thanks Katie, I love that song.

Jesse said...

so we've got a move in gift for you. It's a California king mattress. It's only had approx. three owners. I think?

Mona said...

The Echoing Stones by Celia Fremlin? Do you own it? If yes, can I borrow it? Sounds great. Don't think I've ever read that one.
As for moving, one must cultivate the 'oh, my aching back' and walk around with a cane if you want to get out of the heavy lifting.
I should know...