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Friday, February 5, 2010

The kids. And a movie review.

Here is my beautiful niece Jasmine:

It's hard to believe she is already 9. It's hard to believe she almost fits into her mom's size 10 shoes.

I finally watched Julie and Julia. I really liked it. Meryl was amazing, as always and I just love Amy Adams. But what I found really surprising was I didn't really like the character of Julie (based on the real Julie Powell.) Amy was adorable and would generally make me love her, but she seemed so wrapped up in herself it really turned me off. I don't know if that is really the case and it's possible the movie hit me on the wrong day (I am 29 now, you know, menopause is right around the corner), it just seemed like "Hey, it's just food, it's just a blog, why are you taking it so seriously."

It did inspire me to start working on this blog more. I just feel so exhausted after work and in the morning before work I can't seem to think of anything to write about. And I'm lazy about taking pictures. But yeah. I'm going to start trying harder this month. But I really did like the movie. I found it comforting and charming and I would definitely recommend it.

Here is a picture of my adorable nephew Mikey:

He is 6. He uses big words like mechanical and surprisingly. He has giant feet too. And he is recovering from strep throat right now. Poor baby.

Oh I had the best "That's what she said" joke ever. I won't repeat it because my mom reads this blog, but it was gooooooood. Am i right Katie or am I right?

Alright, here's another one down. And then there were two:

These pictures make them look a lot more pink than they actually are. I'll try to start another project, but these are so quick and easy I am totally digging them right now.

And here's what is going on outside my kitchen window:

I see the Green Lantern is out and about.


Birdy The Mighty said...

oh my gosh, jasmine is huge! i remember her being a little girl. Now I'm feeling old... THANKS SUSAN!

twelvedaysold said...

I think my "that's what she said" joke was the best, but your's is definitely just as good. You should post a carpooling picture!

susieoregon said...

I know, she is almost as tall as I am. It's crazy!!