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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All eyes on me, in the center of the ring, just like a circus.

So last season of Project Runway they had a circus challenge.  They had to make an outfit inspired by the circus.  I loved the idea because I like strips and red and the circus seems to use a lot of that.  I needed to make curtains for my bedroom.  Bad.  I mean really bad.  Especially with the ugly air conditioner in.

Just joking, happiness.  You know I love you!  Happiness is my a/c's name.  We're tight.

But seriously, look at that window.  Doesn't it just make you sad?

I'm kind of broke.  Well... Because... I spend a lot of money.  I had tons of left over fabric from my curtains at my old place and the curtains I made for the living room.  So I just decided to pull out the previous stitches and make it work!  Oh Tim Gunn.  Can you believe he has been to Portland AND Vancouver and I didn't even know about it until it was too late?  Apparently they like the Pacific Northwest because both of the contestants from these two places have won.

Anyway, I wanted to do a play on a circus tent with red and white fabric.  They were quite different fabrics and it turned out to be a giant pain in the neck every time I crossed the seam between the two fabrics as I had to change the top thread and the bobbin.  And man oh man do I hate my bobbin.  I wish I had a machine where you just set it in the top instead of having to remove that stupid metal part off the side and fiddle with it until it pops back in.  Ugh.  It's super annoying.

I think they turned out pretty good.  Here's a photo, please disregard the wonky hem at the bottom.  I didn't feel like pinning.  I did iron the top before I did it so that part is a lot straighter than the bottom.

And here's how it looks when the a/c is in use.
I actually think it looks better like this.  It also kind of reminds me of the Queen of Heart skirt in Alice in Wonderland.  The Disney cartoon one.  I haven't seen the new one yet.  Although, I was told it wasn't very good.

And Birdy where are you?  We miss you here in Portland!  I hope you are doing well!  And making lots of cool stuff!


twelvedaysold said...

Wow, you went with a theme! How crafty of you!

I think they look great!

Jesse said...

Where did you get the cool curtain rods?

Christy said...

They look so cute. I just love the fabric you pick out for the things you make!

susieoregon said...

I got the curtain rods at Ikea. They were really cheap. These are the same as the ones in the living room, but they are shorter, of course. I think they were like 6-8 bucks. Good deal!