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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The only good thing about the rain is I don't have to shave my legs.

A guy at work told me a couple days ago that we aren't going to have a summer this year in Portland.  I wrote him off mostly because he lives in Boring and I'm not even sure that town exists.  Although I was really surprised when I didn't have to dial a one before the phone number.  Where is this place called Boring that is so close the phone number isn't long distance?  I have no idea, but I'm certainly not going to trust some guy from this mythical land.  Plus, I mean, come on!  Of course we will have a summer!

After today's weather I'm starting to think maybe the Boring man might be right.
This is the vivid color setting on my camera.  Apparently vivid means blue.  I wrote a limerick about the man from Boring.
There once was a man from Boring
Who went outside, it was pouring
He went back to bed
With thoughts of warmth is his head
When the sun came out he was snoring
I know I have been bad about writing blogs lately, but I'm really going to try and do better.  Mostly because Jessica said she is going to become one of my followers if I started posting semi-regularly.

It's hard though, trying to be interesting when all you have to look at is this:

"Come on Susan.  Be funny.  Be interesting.  Say something smart."

I don't have anything smart to say.  So look how gross my kitchen is:
I'm making soap with Katie tonight so I'm going to take photos of that and maybe make a post out of it.  But I should probably clean my kitchen first.
My yard has turned into quite the jungle.  I'm not sure what to do about that.  I should probably whack some weeds or something.  But I kind of like it.  Plus it's easier to not do anything.  Those weeds are huge though.  I didn't know they got that big.
Look at those suckers.  They be ginormous!  I should enter them in the county fair or something.


twelvedaysold said...

Oddly enough, Jesse heard from some guy that we weren't going to have a summer either. But, really, did they talk to God or something? Who pretends to know that?

And secondly, a while ago they changed it so that all the phone numbers in the 503 area code didn't need to have a 1 in front of it. So he could still live in imaginary land somewhere.

Christy said...

Ken and I have actually gone to Boring and it's not that far away at all. There's not much too it and it totally lives up to it's name. We went to a junk yard there and got a part for your old car. But to give you some comfort, that's not the junk yard we took your car to RIP.

abkeuser said...

Those weeds are a very pretty green... Living in Phoenix, I've come to appreciate cgreen, even in the form of weeds... :)

Anonymous said...

Those weeds are very impressive!

I have a eater of weeds you can borrow but be careful. Those weeds look like they could get pretty pissed off if threatened!