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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SOAP. It's what's for dinner.

So Katie came over on Sunday night to make soap.

It was melt and pour soap, so you'll notice in the background (not the messy kitchen background) the chunks of soap we had cut up.  Then you melt it in a double boiler.
Don't we look happy?  Here's a creepy eye shot of the soap cubes.
We also made some shampoo and liquid hand soap.  Right as I was taking a photo of it Katie asked how her arm fat looked in the previous shot.  I said it looked like this:
Doesn't that look like bacon fat? This stuff was really easy.  You just mix it with filtered water.  Watch how Katie demonstrates:
Liquid soap turd.  You just blend that stuff up and put it into bottles.  We added a little orange oil to the hand soap to make it smell nice and just left the shampoo plain.  I didn't make any shampoo so you'll have to ask Katie if that stuff is any good.  Mom says it is fantastic though.

Now here are some cute photos of us cutting the soap.  Hey side-note... You know what's hard?  Writing a blog on commercial breaks from Hell's Kitchen.  Takes you like 1.5 minutes to figure out what you were talking about and by the time you start getting your rhythm again, the show is back on.

These photos are funny because first Katie pretended to cut and then I did.  Oh aren't we just the thing!
This photo is pretty unflattering, but I thought it was too cute to just not post it.  This is what I really look like.  Extra chins and all.  Plus the chef's knife.  I always pack one of those in case of zombies.

Look at the precision cutting technique Katie has.  Yummy.  That soap looks delicious!
 That girl has mad skillz.

Here are some finished pieces.  I made some face soaps.  Hold on, show is back on. Whoa.  Chef was mad!!  Ok, where was I?  Oh yeah, we made some face soaps with oatmeal in them.  Tip: if you let the soap set too long and then add moisture absorbing oatmeal, things might thicken up way fast.  But they still turned out pretty good.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and they smell wonderful.

I thought it might be fun to start posting a random photo from my archives at the end of blogs.  So here is this one.  It's our pumpkins we carved last Halloween.  Mine is the clown face at the end.  It started as one that was much more difficult, but I didn't realize how crummy my carving skills were so I just turned the pumpkin around and started over with the "easy" pattern.  Yeah.  I did that.


Jesse said...

That oatmeal soap smells so tempting I almost tasted it.

twelvedaysold said...

Every time Jesse walks past the oatmeal soap he smells it and says "It smells like babies!" Funny how different we are, he thinks of babies smelling freshly bathed and I think of spoiled milk and poop.