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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate son.

You know what is fun?  What is really, really fun?  Taking a hundred bucks to Ikea and pretending you are rich.  You can get a lot of crap there for a hundred bucks.  I'm really trying to resist the urge to list off all the things I got there because I don't think anyone would find that remotely interesting.  Or would they?  Maybe I should.  No.  Definitely Not.

I will tell you this though, I did find an 8 foot long curtain rod for my front window.

And I bought this gorgeous red fabric to make curtains for my front window.

I actually did that thing my mom always does that makes the ruffles at the top of the curtain.  Man, that sure makes them look better than not doing that.  The fabric was $8.50 a yard and I had a 25% off coupon so it actually wasn't bad on the money front.  I bought 5 yards though when I actually only needed 4, but I always worry about not having enough fabric.  Better safe than sorry.  I watch Project Runway so I know what happens when you don't buy enough fabric.  Some poor model has to wear an obscene skirt down the runway.  It's not a catwalk, it's a street walk.  And all because you skimped on the chiffon so you could get more boning for the bodice.  Nobody is looking at the bodice.  We are all looking at that model's behind.

Anyhoot, here's the curtains:

I couldn't get them to look right, so I closed the shades and took one with a flash:

I love them!  I love the color which I am glad because sometimes I will buy fabric and by the time I get it home I am already second guessing my choices, but this is perfect.  The fabric has a good weight and hangs very well too.  Lori helped me pick it out.  Yes, my friend Lori was in town this weekend.  Yay!!  No photos.  Not one.  Can you stand it?  Oh was I bummed out about that after she left and I realized I had no photos.  Luckily I have all my Ikea crap to remind me of her visit.

It was so nice having her here and having a much bigger apartment to entertain.  I also made her watch the North & South British miniseries that I love and we got some crafting in so it was pretty darn fun.  I can't believe all the beautiful sweaters she is knitting.  I remember back when I MADE her learn how to crochet and now she is way better at yarn crafts then I could ever imagine being.

We skipped all over town shopping on Sunday.  Ikea, Michaels, The Mall, Mill End Store, Scrap and Target.  It was pretty fabulous because I had been saving money for the last few months anticipating this and what is even better is I got everything I wanted and I didn't even go over budget.  I even have fabric for the office window and I think I have enough left over fabric to make some curtains for the kitchen as well.

Is it wrong that I totally want to get this set?  I just can't think of anything cooler for my bathroom.  I don't know if my mother would approve.


Birdy The Mighty said...

Bracken and I have that bathroom set. It's SO worth it. Get it, get it now.

twelvedaysold said...

So jealous that you went to Ikea!

Mona said...

You do too know if your mother would approve of that bathroom set.
And now that Birdy said she has one, I can't even say anything about it!!!
Funny blog. Enjoyed it.

Jesse said...

The great thing about the bloody bath set is just in case a psycho does enter your apartment to kill you, they'll look at the curtains and the floor and think I guess someone beat me too it then leave. Its kinda like a passive aggressive security system. :)

Anonymous said...

can you really call this a blog?

susieoregon said...

Yes I can call this a blog!! Anonymous sounds a lot like JESSICA!!