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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I love.

1) Remember the Monday after Easter how mom would always pack an egg salad sandwich in your lunch and you would be so excited to eat it that you would eat half of it at the bus stop and then be horribly disappointed at lunch time when you only had half a sandwich left?  No?  Well then I'm a pig.

2) Or when mom was sick and dad had to pack your lunch and when you opened your sandwich it was one thick slice of ham on rye bread with a glob of mayo and that's it.  Also horribly disappointing.  I didn't love it then, but it makes me smile now.  Every kid needs a dad to pack their lunch every once in while so they will appreciate mom more.

3) That wonderful feeling after taking a shower, putting on clean pj's and crawling into brand new, clean, crisp sheets.  Will someone change my sheets?  I'll be in the shower.

4) This:

Bouncy Castles are exhausting!!

5) The fact that Ken asked if adults could jump on them too and the girl said yes.

6) I love that dad thinks Junior Mints give you kidney stones.

7) And the fact that mom shaved her legs before going to hospital.  Even though she was already in labor with Ben.

8) That the sun is out finally and maybe I can hang up some clothes on my clothes line this weekend.

9) That sometimes I can hear Katie doing DDR at her house at night.

10) And angry eyes.


Jenna said...

That kiddo has some amazing angry eyes. Wow!

abkeuser said...

I love that your dad thinks junior mints give you kidney stones too! More for me! :)

twelvedaysold said...

OH MY GOSH!! That picture of Mikey killed me at work.

Christy said...

He gets those angry eyes from his dad.
Also, I'm amazed you remembered your school lunches. All I remember about it was that I would throw away my fruit (apples, bananas, oranges) and when I told mom about it years later. She complained at how much money we were throwing away. Now that I'm a mom, I can totally see her point!!

susieoregon said...

I tend to remember things where food is involved.

twelvedaysold said...

I also like how the girl behind Mikey is about to wipe cake on her shirt.

susieoregon said...

That was always one of MY favorite things about that photo!!

Anonymous said...

The correlation between Junior Mints and kidney stones is widely accepted by the medical community. A 2003 study done in Coos Bay, Oregon, positively proved that connection. Some 50 year old bozo (name withheld) who overindulged on those very tasty little treats subsequently suffered a extremely painful attack of kidney stones - bug suckers.

And I thought you liked ham sandwiches!