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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am the maker of my destiny: I am the captain of my soul.

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I just ate four otter pops.

A girl I work with said she didn't think she would have enough to blog about if she had a blog.  I told her she didn't really need anything to blog about.  Boy howdy, was I right.

I laid in bed for about ten minutes last night with the light on and admired my curtains.  It's amazing how some curtains can really make a room look so much better.  It's so nice having that pop of red on the walls.  I wish I were a homeowner and could paint my walls.  That would be so nice.

I really have nothing to write about.  I'm packing for my trip right now and I'll be gone all weekend.  Yay!!  Hopefully I will come back and have photos and things to talk about.

I watched Invictus tonight.  Is it bad to say that I found it really boring?  And long?  And for some reason I thought it was about a soccer team when it is actually about a rugby team.  Did you know that?  I'm sure you did, but I didn't.  How do they play that game?  It looks so bizarre.  I really should read up about it on wikipedia.  That thing where they all lock arms and push into each other, what was that about?  Or they climb all over each other and make a pyramid and then throw the ball.  It was so weird.  It's like cricket.  I have no idea how that is played either and I probably never will.  I just don't care enough.

Alright, I'm off.  Have a great weekend and a Happy 4th of July!!


Jenna said...

The "lock arms and push" thing is called a Scrum, and it's how the game begins. It is a teamwide wrestling match to determine first possession of the ball. It's like the confusing, violent and unpadded precursor to American football.

abkeuser said...

Rugby is a man's sport. Football (american, not soccer) is for pansies. Its so much more brutal and has soooo much less padding. Btw, Wikipedia wont help you understand it. But you should definitely watch it. It my favorite sport (my blog may lead you to believe other wize, but baseball is much more accessable/arizona doesnt have a rugby team :( ).

twelvedaysold said...

I see you've moved on to begging then? It's how we roll!


Kim said...

Hey, we watched Invictus last night too! But I liked it. It made me want to know more about Nelson Mandela.

You should ask your landlord if you can paint. He might let you if you agree to either: a)get color approval from him first or b)paint back when you leave.