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Monday, July 12, 2010

Samson your hair, glistening like sun, oh would that it were mine...

I got a haircut!  I know it was about time.  My hair was getting really long and annoying.  I had started just always wearing it up or braided so I figured it was time for a change.  I usually go to a hairdresser that is really close to my house.  I always have the same lady and she isn't very nice and the cut costs forty bucks.  I don't know why I kept going there.  Wait, yes I do.  It was close to home.  And I would have gone there again except they are closed on Sundays and Mondays and those are my days off.

Katie always goes to this other place with my sister Christy.  It's called Bishops and she really likes them.  And now so do I.  Here are some unflattering before shots:

I'm wearing too much face powder.  Katie has her eyes closed.  Man, that is a good before shot.  It was pretty hot yesterday afternoon and as we are pulling into the parking lot at the hair salon I say to Katie, "I hope I don't have to shake hands with anyone because my hands are pretty sweaty."  Katie says, "Why would you have to shake hands with anyone."  I figured she was right, why would I?

We walk in and sign our names on a board and one minute later my hairdresser walks over and says, "Susan?"  I stand up and he holds out his hand and says, "Hi, my name is Blah."  Yeah, I don't remember what his name was.  Not because my hands were sweaty, but because I'm really bad about people introducing themselves to me.

I loved Blah.  We talked the whole time about Project Runway and ANTP.  I think he expected me to be afraid about cutting my hair, but I never am.  Maybe it's because the Williams women grow hair really fast.  Maybe it's because I hacked all my hair off when I was sixteen and I didn't die.  Maybe it's because I watch ANTP and every time they do the make-overs some snotty girl cries and it makes me mad inside my head.

Blah said his favorite thing was cutting off lots of hair.  Yay for him, I guess.  It took forever though and Katie came over after her haircut and we all chatted about Katie going to ComicCon and craft festivals and bodysuits.  So yeah, go see Blah at Bishops, he's cool.  Here's some after shots:

You like that facebook shot of me?  Ugh, I hate when girls do that, but I totally see why.  Look how cute I am!!

Anyway, we get in the car after our hair cut on the way to Sushi and Katie asks, "Did you have to shake hands with Blah?"  Apparently she shook hands with her lady hairdresser too.  Told you.  It's the curse of sweaty hands.

If you hands are wet
You can surely bet
you'll be shaking hands
with Blah and Yvette.

Actually Katie's hairdresser's name was Annie.  I remember because Katie wrote her name down when she signed in as her preferred hairdresser.  I left mine blank because I didn't care.  If I see the name written down I will remember because I will have a visual memory to look back on.  Verbal doesn't do the trick.

Look who came to visit yesterday morning:
He looks scary in that photo like he is hissing, but he is just meowing.
Gosh, as if you don't get enough photos of Cinnamon on Katie's blog.


abkeuser said...

haha! I was totally thinking... wait, I thought this was susan's blog... not Katies...

Yay for hair cuts! I cant wait until October, when I can cut mine again!

twelvedaysold said...

I think I look kind of mannish in that first "after" photo. But it's okay, I guess.

And yay for Cinnamon making a guest appearance! He is a famous cat.

susieoregon said...

You do look a little mannish. I didn't notice before. I think I look incredibly short next to you.

twelvedaysold said...

Maybe I should be the one wearing the headdress.

bigbottomedgirl said...

I can't get enough of you blog.

susieoregon said...

Ah, Jaime, that is so nice. You should blog! It is really hard, but I just take lots of photos, always have your camera with you and it makes it easier to find stuff to write about if you are commenting on a photo. You should do it though, I will totally follow you.

Jenna said...

I like the new looks! Especially Katie's new mannish one. How did you get your stylist to do that for you?

oh wait, this is Susan's blog. I can't ask questions of Katie here. Hi Susan!

Anonymous said...

Great haircuts! You made me laugh about the shaking hands things. It's always like that. Just when you have a reason to really not want to do something, it happens. ^_^