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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

...There'd be happiness that no man could end...

I went to a concert Sunday.  It was at the zoo and it was hot and in full sun, but it was also totally fun.  Jacquie and I had too much wine, but thank goodness for Kim and Dave who drove us home.  Although in my own defense I was never suppose to drive anybody home.  I was designated for nothing.  Actually I think I was the designated wine drinker.  And I fulfilled my end of the bargain fo sho.
Kim and Jacquie said I can't use any photos of them that don't look good.  So there will be no photos of them. Ha!  Just joking!!

Why am I always flaring my nostrils in photos.  Do I do that in a real life?  Gosh, I hope not.

I'm looking at a weather report and it says the high temperature on Sunday was 90 degrees (I just typed digress, huh) and that is probably about what it was.  But it seemed a little hotter when you are sitting in the sun for two hours waiting for the concert to start.  Luckily none of us got any sun burns.

It was a surprisingly small lawn.  With a surprisingly large amount of people sprawled across it.

The opening act was Gin Wigmore (or something very close to that.)  I liked her, her voice sounded a lot like Juliette and the Licks and I've always loved Juliette Lewis.  Gin also played the ukulele and who doesn't enjoy that?

And then Jamie played.  That's who we went to see Jamie Cullum.  I'm not a very big fan.  Especially since I never heard any of his music until about a month ago, but there are a few songs that I really like.  One of them being "If I Ruled the World."  And he played it!  Woot!

It was a really fun time.

And I almost didn't go because I had lost my original ticket.  Oh gosh, I hate talking about this.  And then I had to buy a brand new ticket because Ticketmaster is a service brought to you by the devil himself.  But I'm so glad I sucked it up and bought a new ticket because it was super fun.

I don't have a picture of myself.  Well I do have pictures of myself just not at this concert.  Let's take a little trip to the land of make believe.

Here I am at the zoo concert.  They just put in an ocean!  Can you believe it?!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun!

Birdy The Mighty said...

that is a huge amount of people. How do they keep people who didn't buy tickets out of the concert when it's at the zoo? I'm sure there is a way to enjoy it for free. :D

susieoregon said...

I guess they make all the zoo goers leave at 5 on concert Sundays. Plus you can't get anywhere near the stage unless you have a stamp and a ticket stub.

You probably could hear the music, but you wouldn't be able to see anything. I thought about that too though.

twelvedaysold said...

Looks like you had fun! I'm glad you went. How mad would you be if I cleaned out my car later this week and found the original ticket? Just kidding, if I found it I would never tell you.

Jenna said...

It's not that your nostrils flare, it's the angle of the shot.

Woo concert! Wine! Too much sun and heat and people! Woooo!