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Monday, July 5, 2010

Towering Inferno or Arms on Fire.

I'm back!  I hope everybody had a safe and awesome 4th of July weekend!  I did!  Except for the fact that I burned my forearms to a crisp.  They hurt.  They hurt real bad.  They are all swollen and hot.  But they probably don't hurt nearly as much as Christy's back.  Yikes!

I had a super fun weekend and I have tons of photos.  I just don't know where to start.  Most of the photos of me are really unflattering.  Let's start there!:

Oh gosh, this photo is hilarious!  Look at those legs.  I think I am part albino.  Don't worry about my arms though.  I don't look like that anymore.  They are bright red now.  I just red myself.  I just tried to take some photos of my sunburn, but you can't even tell in the photos that I am red.  So you'll just have to take my word for it.  I am red.

On Saturday we drove into Eugene and went to the mall.  I rode in the back seat with the kids.  I love riding back there because they love interacting with me.  They tell me cute stories, we sing songs, we play road games.  It's so much fun!  Ok, that's not true.  They do this:
It's riveting for me.  So I make them look at me for pictures.
Take a look at the DDR picture again.  I'm a big girl.  And they stick me in the back seat while they ride in the lap of luxury with cup holders and the like.
Must be nice!  Actually, I made Christy ride in the back for the rest of driving.  I mean really, she is much smaller than I am.  It just makes more sense.

Oh wait, we didn't go to the mall first.  We went to Home Depot to do their building craft.  Ken helped Jasmine while I helped Mikey.  Christy took photos.
It's a really neat thing Home Depot does.  Every Saturday morning they have a children's building craft and it's totally free.  Plus they get a free pin to put on their free apron (they left their aprons at home.)
Here are Mikey and I doing it right:
And Ken and Jazzy doing it wrong:
The first time.  They did it wrong twice.  Ken should have been doing a little more of this:
We made periscopes!  They are really neat.
Then we went to the mall.  Well first we went to Wal-mart, but I didn't get any photos of that.  You seen one Wal-mart you seen 'em all.  Right?

Would you like to see more DDR photos?  Of course you would.  This one I call Concentration, Consternation. 
This one is called, pre-dance pep talk.
Perfect score (and notice Ken in the background playing):
Mikey went skiing.
It was hard:
But momma helped him:
Here's a cute shot.  I call it "Heading to Tilt." or "Creepy Guy on the Left."

Alright.  I have to go take a cool shower and I still have lots of photos, so I'll post again tomorrow.  Here's a teaser of the quads (I have a lot of quad shots.)  Wait.  That doesn't sound right.

I'm ridiculous.


twelvedaysold said...

May we also add Constipation with that photo?

Good shots!

Christy said...

Those photos cracked me up!! I didn't even know you took any of those. Your one of those sneaky photo takers. The last picture shows how my back got burnt. I got very little sleep last night and I'm convinced I'm going to die of skin cancer...............