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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I went thrift storing a few days ago with my folks and found this:

Are you jealous yet?

How about now?

It's crazy old and never been used.  It was six bucks which is really expensive for me, especially for something like this, but my clos-i is not tidy and I couldn't resist.  My clos-i is actually like this:

This is my hall closet and it is completely unusable and it drives me mad inside my head.  I just shove the vacuum in and I have all these coats that I never wear and I really just hated this closet.

Until... Wait for it.


Much better.  Best six bucks ever spent.  I moved all the coats into the spare room closet.  It's so weird.  When I first moved in I thought I had so much closet space, but now that all the closets are full of junk I'm convinced this place has the worst closet space possible.

My spare room is driving me crazy right now.  With the exception of my desk, there is no order in this room and I basically have it laid out the same as the day I moved the furniture in.  I did buy a new table for the tv I'm putting in there.

I tried to really zoom in, but you can still kind of see the disorder that is this room.  I think I'm going to make it my project this weekend.  Make it look nice in case someone wants to visit me.  The table above was $7.50.  It was half price day at Salvation Army.  Oh yeah.

I also got this cool hamper.
And this teapot I thought was cute and now kind of hate.
Well, I don't know.  It's still kind of cute.  We shall see how it pours.  Don't you hate those teapot that you go to pour and it shoots boiling hot tea 8 inches out.  Don't people test those pour spouts before they send them out?  If it pours funny it is going right in the trash.  That's right teapot.  You have been warned.

The television is calling to me so...  you know.  Smell ya later.


Jenna said...

If it pours badly, you shouldn't toss it but you should break it and use the pieces in a mosaic!

twelvedaysold said...

That was a messy closet? Really? Come over to our house, I'll show you a real messy closet.

Christy said...

Another good idea for the pot is to us it for a flower pot in you kitchen window.

Jesse said...

I totally want that cool tea pot if it doesn't work. It looks so cool, it could hold all sort of art supplies.