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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Giveaway! Yay!

Ok so I have decided to do a giveaway.  The prize?  Pac-man magnets made by moi.

They are made from perler beads and are very sturdy.  I used the strong magnets so they aren't those lame ones that won't even hold up a piece of paper.

The deadline to win is Sunday 8/22/2010 at 11pm Pacific Standard Time.

There are a few rules.  Only one entry per person.  The winner will be drawn at random.

To win just leave a comment.**See below for more rules.

How long do you think is too long for installing a printer/scanner?  I didn't have the installation cd so bear that in mind.  And please don't say something like "15 minutes" because that would make me sad.

I did finally install my printer/scanner and I got to scan one of my favorite photos of Jasmine and Mikey.

I didn't clean the glass or even dust off the photo, but after FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES of installing I didn't feel like scanning any more photos.

**Also in order to win I will need some way to contact you.  If you have a blogger account just go into your blogger profile ("edit profile" on your dashboard) and click the "show my email address" box.

That way I will be able to email you if you have won.  If not, just check back on Monday 8/23/2010 and I will announce the winner and tell you how to contact me.  Please make sure you leave your name as anonymous comments will not have a chance to win.  As soon as I am able to contact you and obtain your mailing address I will ship your "major award."


twelvedaysold said...


I don't think I count, do I? Because you let me make my own pac men at your place once.

And also let Jessica know I am cutting her out of my life. Unless she starts following me, and I will run back to her with open arms.

Christy said...

I probably won't count in the givaway because I have a wonderful set that you made for us last year. They ROCK by the way!!
I love that picture of the kids. That was a great birthday.

Patti said...

Sweet!! Looks like those magnets are mine!! LOL
I love them Susan - though I'm highly partial to the Mrs. Pac-Man one. Used to be my favoritest game in the whole world!

As for the scanner, got no clue. You're better than me at the tech stuff. I'm lucky though. Got my own 'in-house' geek to figure that stuff out or just do it for me so that I stop whining about it. But look at it this way, the first one took 15 minutes. The next one should just be a few right? These things speed up as you use them right? :))

Jenna said...

Wow, 15 minutes to scan ONE photo? That's a little worrisome. And by worrisome, I mean irritating.

Anonymous said...

i must have those magnets!!! i must i must i must!!!!! i want to be in that drawing! what was it 15.2698 minutes? BTW i forgot my password i'm useless on this thing tell katie that was harsh! i couldn't do anything on this if i wanted to!

twelvedaysold said...

Jessica, I am a fickle creature. I begged and begged and updated and updated to NO AVAIL.