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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oregonian Gurls, we're unforgettable...

Brown Ugg boots with sweat pants on top.

Sometimes I do this.  To make popular music more accessible to myself.  I mean seriously, I don't care how great of a body you have, what do you wear more of, bikini tops or sweat pants...  'Nuff said.

The first time I saw someone write 'Nuff said, I thought "Nuff said what?"

I have a special spoon exclusively for eating pudding.  It's a Gerber baby food spoon I found in my keepsake box.  I has a little imprint of the Gerber Baby on the handle and it's great for eating tapioca.

My favorite pudding is Tapioca.  I love those little cloudy nubblets.  I don't know what they are but they kind of look like the gross things you sometimes find in pepperoni, but they aren't gross, they are delicious.

When I first saw "The Departed" I had to keep calling my dad to ask what the derogatory words meant.  I had never heard half of them and the half I had heard I didn't know if it was derogatory toward the Irish or the Italians.  How's that for good parenting?

My nephew Andy plays the piano.

He plays really well.

And I'm posting my first video!

Please don't forget about my giveaway!  Deadline doesn't end until Sunday!


Jenna said...

That was all incredibly random. I like it! The tapioca thingers are gelatin, I think, whereas the pepperoni bits are fat.

twelvedaysold said...

I heart The Departed!

Anonymous said...

Tapioca pudding, awful. I won't say what it reminds me of because it isn't polite.
Wow on Andy playing the piano! He's great at it!