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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The shopping won't stop until the money runs out.

Isn't shopping the best?  I've been doing that a lot lately.  I'm starting to worry I won't be able to stop, but for right now I have the money so why not?  And I keep adding things to my list of "must haves."  It's quite long.  you have labored on it since, it is a ponderous chain!  Ah.  I wish it were Christmas again.

So went shopping with the folks yesterday.  Hit all my favorite thrift shops and Joann's.  I found one of those knitting bags that my mom used to have.  I meant to take a photo before I tore it apart, but I complete forgot so here is where I remembered.  This is the icky, faded fabric that was originally on it.

And then here are a couple photos of the frame:
I bought some new fabric at Joann's and then just hand washed it in the sink and hung it out on my NEW CLOTHES LINE!  Yes.  First day up and I already got to use it.

They dried really fast.  I can't wait until it's nice enough to start hanging more clothes out.  I had to borrow Katie's sewing machine and luckily she was home from lunch.  I sat down to use it and couldn't remember the last time I had used a sewing machine.  8th grade Home Ec?  Has it been that long?  Luckily it had pictures that showed you had to thread the machine.  It turned out to be quite a pain in the ass because I had to hand sew nearly the whole thing.  The way the frame works you have to like weave the fabric around it and then sew it into place.  I used the old fabric as my pattern and that worked really well.

Insane amount of pinning though.  Anyway, my hand sewing was piss poor, but it turned out pretty good and I'm really happy with it.  I can't wait to take it to craft night!!
Action Shot ^
I also found this really cool bench at Salvation Army.  I was thinking about painting it, but it also looks pretty good the way it is and I really need more side tables so I was really happy to find it.
It has these really weird side details, like wagon wheels or a crib or something.
So yeah, pretty happy with my purchases.  Can't wait to go back out and shop some more!!


twelvedaysold said...

Those are nice looking clothes pins!! I like the side table. I thought it was crib-like too. Can't wait to see the bag. GOOD THING CRAFT NIGHT IS TONIGHT! Oh man, what will I craft?

Btw, the word verification for me to post this comment is coisperm. Next time please choose a word that does not have sperm in it, will you Susan?

Anonymous said...

You are SO crafty!

I hope that's how you spell "crafty". It looks a little wonky to me.

Jesse said...

that's so great. What a clever idea.

Mona said...

If only MY projects were accomplished with such alarming speed. I'm not sure where I go wrong but days pass...
I LOVE how the knitting bag turned out. You did a great job on it!